About Susan

Susan has been in kinesiology practice for over 25 years and enjoys using Kinesiology to assist people improve their lives. She offers warmth, care and encouragement to assist people to understand and create new choices in their health and well-being.

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About Kinesiology

How Kinesiology can assist

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common reactions that people experience today. Kinesiology with personalized muscle monitoring can look at deeper causal factors which may be affecting health and wellbeing. It looks further than the conscious level of experience to what may be affecting body, subconscious mind and emotions, and to identify negative thoughts and emotions, and so release their impact on us.

Kinesiology can be applied to many states of stress including tiredness, aches and pains, difficulties with memory and learning, and indecisiveness and lack of confidence.

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Consultations take up to 90 minutes. We start by exploring your concerns and what you want to gain from the consultation. I listen and look for the improvements you want. Your body’s muscle responses guide the kinesiology process which uses a combination of light touch therapies and techniques.

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